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Business Meeting

Proxy Advisory Services

Informed Voting

Vote Recommendations

Vote Recommendations cover shareholder meetings, including AGMs, EGMs, Postal Ballots and Court Convened Meetings.

InGovern clients enjoy unlimited and unfettered access to InGovern analysts. Clients can get answers to questions on corporate governance issues, vote recommendations, resolutions tabled by companies, as well as a broad array of topics via telephone or email. InGovern will provide an impartial expert viewpoint that will help clients make better, more informed decisions. The ability to speak directly with an InGovern analyst is one of the most valuable features of the InGovern service.

InGovern CG Platform, the web-based analysis and vote management system allows you to:

  • Monitor shareholder meetings (AGMs, EGMs, Postal Ballots) of your holdings across funds

  • Access meeting agenda and resolutions

  • Create custom watchlists

  • Get Corporate Governance alerts for companies

  • Get alerts on forthcoming shareholder meetings

  • Record votes

  • Access InGovern analysis and vote recommendations

  • Record fund manager commentary at the time of recording votes

  • Map fund managers to various funds

  • Identify and assess CG issues

  • Set internal fund family voting policies

  • Generate vote report for SEBI submission

  • Generate various MIS reports

  • Discuss CG issues with other fund managers who are users of the platform

  • Post topics and articles of CG interest

  • Record keep, audit and report proxy votes

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