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About InGovern Logo

Symbolism of InGovern Logo

This logo of InGovern is based on InGovern’s belief that companies need to guard their reputation zealously and that long-term value can only be created by good governance and sustainable growth. The InGovern logo comprises of 3 pillars of ‘Gold’ colour. The 3 pillars symbolise:

  • Reputation

  • Value

  • Wisdom

History has always regarded gold as the ultimate safe investment.

Symbolism of Gold

Aristotle in his ethics used gold symbolism when referring to what is now commonly known as the “golden mean”. Similarly, gold is associated with perfect or divine principles, such as in the case of Phi, which is sometimes called the “golden ratio”.

Gold represents great value. Respected people are treated with the most valued rule, the “golden rule”. A company may give its most valued customers “gold cards” or make them “gold members”. We value moments of peace and therefore we say: “silence is golden”. In Greek mythology there was the “golden fleece”.

Gold is further associated with the wisdom of aging and fruition. The fiftieth wedding anniversary is golden. Our precious latter years are sometimes considered “golden years”. The height of a civilization is referred to as a “golden age”.

(Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Credit for InGovern Logo

The InGovern logo owes its origin and design to Sridhar Dhulipala, a friend and ex-colleague, who graduated from National Institute of Design and has many years of experience, most recently as Principal Designer at Infosys Technologies. Currently, Sridhar is one of the founders of Bizosys Technologies. Many thanks to Sridhar.

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