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Informative Interview

Who We Are

InGovern is India’s first independent corporate governance research and advisory firm which assists investors that have financial or reputation exposure to companies.

InGovern was founded in 2010 with the objective of enhancing the corporate governance culture and shareholder activism of institutional investors.

InGovern acts as a platform which can be used by institutional investors to come together to raise issues and engage on corporate governance matters with companies.

InGovern clients include mutual funds, insurance companies, foreign institutional investors, pension funds, hedge funds, custodians, private wealth management firms, HNIs, companies and others.

InGovern also assists companies in enhancing their corporate governance practices.

InGovern’s services include: (a) Vote Recommendations (Proxy Advisory) (b) Corporate Governance Research and Advisory (c) Shareholder Activism (d) Corporate Governance Consulting and Education (e) Risk Monitoring (f) Information Technology Solutions.

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