Qatar Boards Analysis 2018

In May, we published a report titled, Qatar 2018: Board and Board Committees Governance Report for Listed Companies” which analysed board and board committees’ compliance with Qatar’s corporate governance code. We analysed 21 companies listed in Qatar that had published corporate governance report in English.

Some insights from this report, which analysed 21 companies, are:

  • Law: One-third of the Board should be independent
  • Practice: 10 companies had less than one third of independent members

  • Law: Chairman of the Board should be non-executive
  • Practice: 8 companies had an Executive Chairman

  • Law: The Board meeting will be valid if attended by majority provided either Chairman or Vice Chairman attends
  • Practice: 10 companies hadn’t disclosed directors’ individual attendance in Board meetings

  • Law: The Chairman of the Audit Committee should be an independent Board member
  • Practice: 14 companies didn’t have an independent Audit Chairman

  • Law: Majority of the committee members should be independent
  • Practice: 12 companies haven’t complied with this provision

The full report is available in our website at: Qatar Board Analysis 2018