We are 5 years old…Join us in the celebrations!

InGovern began operations on 16th June 2010. We are India’s first proxy advisory company. Some events that shaped us in our initial years:

  • September 2010: We launch Governance Radar – the InGovern proprietary framework
  • 2011: We get our first client, with whom we now enjoy the 4th year of continued relationship
  • June 2011: We launch the InGovern CG platform, an online platform for usage by investors
  • July 2011: Broadridge partners with InGovern for global distribution of vote recommendations
  • January 2012: Mr. Mohandas Pai, a pioneer shareholder activist, invests in InGovern
  • June 2012: Yale University, USA invites us to their annual corporate governance forum and recognise us as pioneers in corporate governance
  • October 2012: We release our first Proxy Season Analysis – a comprehensive analysis of CG practices in India
  • 2013, 2014: We provided inputs to the regulators – SEBI and MCA – on various consultative papers and OECD, ACGA and Parliamentary Standing Committee of Finance, Indian Government
  • April 2014: We are invited as a member of the CII National Committee of Capital Markets
  • September 2014: We supported CimplyFive, a new venture that cimplyfies compliance with Companies Act 2013 for private limited companies

As we complete 5 years:

…we reflect on our history and focus on our future.

…we thank our clients, employees and supporters.

…we don’t revel in glory, but look at our responsibility for the Indian capital markets.

…we advocate greater institutional participation in shareholder meetings.

…we advocate greater disclosures and higher corporate governance standards by Indian companies.

…we advocate environment, social and governance (ESG) as part of the investment process by institutional investors.

…we champion shareholder activism and minority shareholder protection at Indian listed companies.

…we now provide services to cover listed companies, private companies, start-ups and non-profit organisations.

…we zealously guard our reputation that is symbolised by our logo of 3 pillars of Gold colour, which symbolise Reputation, Value and Wisdom.

We believe we have just started our journey……join us in our celebrations!