Book Review: “Boards that Lead”

On board with best practices


It is rare to read a book on boardrooms and think that much of what it says can be implemented in Indian companies. Every Indian board member, aspiring director and senior executive should read this book.


A collaborative effort by three eminent American consultants with different perspectives, the book takes the reader into boardrooms around the world, though from an American boardroom perspective. It provides a road map for good corporate governance and discusses best practices in boardrooms. The book aims to outline when boards should lead; when boards should partner with management; and when boards should stay out of the way of management rather than just monitor management.


The reader is taken into boardrooms of many multinational companies – Apple, HP, Ford, BHP Billiton, P&G, GSK, Delphi, Lenovo, Grupo RBS, Rohm and Haas, Motorola, HBOS, among others. The reader is taken through events that changed the history of many of these companies. Indian companies such as Infosys, Airtel and GMR Group find mention on three different issues. The book provides insights not only into successful companies, but also into a few instances of failure. Concepts like board evaluation, CEO succession, exiting a falling CEO and so on are novel in Indian boards because these issues are not discussed and debated in the Indian corporate governance scenario.

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