Conflict of Interest Statement


InGovern Research Services is in the business of researching and evaluating listed companies for corporate governance and making vote recommendations on shareholder meeting to our clients who are institutional investors. As a result, we strive to avoid any conflict of interest.


InGovern does:

  • analyse all companies and resolutions objectively
  • rely on publicly available verifiable data
  • make recommendations based on what is good for the long term value of the company, rather than which investor put forth the resolution
  • maintain client data confidentially
  • review our evaluation parameters periodically based on changing environment
  • make public many of our research reports publicly post the meetings


InGovern does not:

  • enter into any business relationships that conflict with our business
  • not offer consulting services to listed companies that are covered by us
  • not offer consulting services to directors
  • advise listed companies on their governance structures
  • conduct training sessions for listed companies or its directors


However, we may provide research services and reports to clients that may be of the same group or are affiliated with listed companies. These research services and reports are also generally made available to all clients.